Primary Fermenters
Brewers and Vintners of Minnesota

The Primary Fermenters Home Brew Club was started May 2008. We have brewers just learning the brewing process to experienced, medal winning, All Grain Brewers.  We started with about 10 members and have grown to 40+ members from all over the metro area of the Twin Cities.  Every month our meetings are different, each member takes a month to plan and host a meeting for the club, it can range from meeting at a brew pub and sampling beers to sampling a style of beer at a members house. We try to have two club big brews a year using our clubs 10 gallon All Grain System.  We also hold an annual Primary Fermenters Home Brew Fest in the summer, this party is where our members serve their homebrew and a winner of "Best of Show" is crowned. 

Please contact us if you'd like to join our club or if you'd like any more information.  Also request to join our facebook group, this is where we do most of our event planning and discussions. 


Past Events

Sampling wines at Alexis Bailley and Winehaven Wineries

Attending Saint Paul Home brew Fest, Beer Dabbler, and other Beer Fests

Touring Summit, Surly, Flat Earth, and Dave's Brewfarm

Annual PF Summer Brew Fest & Winter club party

Annual Fall and Spring Big Brews

Attending AHA National Homebrew Conferences

BJCP judging at the MN State Fair, MN Renn Fest, and the Upper Mississippi Mashout

and much much more.....